There is Always a Good News After any Bad News

It is normal to think that when facing a medical emergency that good news regarding your health could ease anxiety and stress. In my experience, however, I was amazed that following the initial excitement and joy of the good news there was an “down” feeling set in. It was like the good news was just too excessive. It was an odd reaction and after my thoughts about it, I got the idea to write this piece. Who ever thought that positive news could bring anything other than positive feelings?

It is a problem because it creates stress and anxiety. If you are diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening disease, the primary focus is on the treatment. There is a hope that treatment will be successful , or at the very least, there is a chance for it to be. However, this is just one step of the process.

The doctors will eventually check to determine whether the treatment is effective or it is not. The anticipation and anticipation of that first test is difficult and emotionally. Your loved ones and family are also doing the exact same process… just waiting. The shared experience could be a source of support, or it’s as if you’re responsible for their emotions too, or someplace between. The anticipation builds up nervous energy as well as negative projections and a feeling of guilt for what others might be feeling. For best feelings a good news is always important.

You get good news! The treatment is effective. A feeling of relief is felt by all. There is joy anticipation, joy, and celebration of being healthy. But the reality is that the waiting game begins with the next test, and the marker to measure your wellbeing. The results of the next test will follow. Maybe it’s positive news, or maybe you’ll hear bad news.

The excitement increases. You and your family members feel anxious, in a state of anxiety, and perhaps feeling a little burned out by the scenario that you realize will not stop until the health crisis is resolved. The cycle repeats and the anticipation grows more intense, especially in the case of a yo-yoing between positive and negative information.

Now I know that “down” feelings after good news. The fire of hope is again lit for yourself and your family members. The anticipation leads to anxiety which can cause stress, anxiety, and other emotional reactions.

Being down when you hear good news can be self-protection against the yo-yo effect caused by the cycle of both positive and negative news. If you aren’t overly excited, then you won’t feel as bad when the news is negative (or neutral) (more than waiting).

If you’re one of people who feel accountable for other people’s feelings, you might not have the pleasure of celebrating. Feeling depressed or neutral following good news shields your from disappointment, safeguards your from being upset and helps you avoid the possibility of a negative future outcomes.

You now know the process and the process that causes anticipation, and is the reason for feeling down or neutral after hearing positive news. Do you feel it is okay to deal with information about your health with this approach? Yes, it is! There is nothing way to judge if feelings are right or wrong.

Every person handles each in their own manner. Someone has told me that remaining neutral in the face of bad and good news is good for your health. A lack of big fluctuations allow the body to remain at peace and in healing mode. The process and cycle of dealing with a health issue is the way it goes: cycle an ongoing process… it’s your life.

Being present also helps to manage the fear of failure. This means being aware of what’s happening in the present, instead of contemplating what occurred in the past and making projections of what might happen or occur in the near future.

They don’t work unless you’re employing positive imagery to work on your unconscious mind using the use of hypnosis that is very efficient to relax the body, mind and emotions , and help you stay fully present in the moment. The present moment is all that you or your family members and your loved ones can handle and focusing on your present time makes life much easier.

Practice: If you notice yourself experiencing anxiety that is anticipatory whether from your the past or from projections of the future, you are able to tackle it!

Find a comfortable spot and close your eyes. Relax for 3 to 4 minutes. breaths. If your mind keeps moving or you are experiencing negative feelings, you can simply observe these feelings. Nothing “fixing” is necessary.

When you breathe in slowly take a deep breath and allow your body to ease. Your legs might be a bit weighty, but your spine will release tension as will your neck relax as will your feet and hands. Your heart rate might be slowed when you let go. Keep observing yourself, the thoughts and the emotions.

There is nothing to do other than pay attention. Just breathe deeply as you pay close attention to your left or right foot. Pay attention to your toes, arch, heal, and the ankle. Pay attention to your calf and shin in front of your knee and then in front of your knee, towards your buttocks and thigh. Pay attention to your hip. Maintain a steady breathing.

Pay attention to your hips to your thigh to the back area of your back. and up your spine and down to the backside of your body. Be aware of your abdomen and belly. Take note of your chest as well as the way your chest moves when you breathe.

Pay attention to your shoulder, drawing your focus down your arm towards your hand and observe every finger. Retract your attention back to your shoulder , becoming conscious of your neck and your throat.

Move your attention towards that area of your face that includes your jaw, mouth the eye, forehead, the ear as well as your forehead. Take note of the side of your head that is behind it as you move up towards where your hair is at its highest. Next, shift your attention to the opposite aspect of your body. allow your focus to move across your head, and down your the scalp all the way to your toes.

This is what it’s all about. You will experience the sensation of being in the present moment with your body. Your mind will be quiet and you’ll be able to relax. If you wish moving your attention through your body two or three times. This will increase the depth of your experience.

This helps to relax in the body, calm emotions, and the ability to be present in the environment that you are able to best manage the stress of an illness.

The news appears to get worse each day. The news is terrible because Satan has infected people with sin. The result is lust murders, rapes, scandals as well as other negative things.

The world’s leaders struggle to get together because they would like their countries to have more, at the expense of the other. This won’t improve so long as the sins continue to reign.

It is apparent that if there were no bad news , there would be none at all. It’s so sad to see reports which Brian Williams of N. B.C. has one article that is good news.

There are many who died during the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, and other countries around the world. There are reports of flooding storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis, murders, scandals, and rapes.

We often forget about the efforts of many people who helped those affected by the 2004 tsunami across the Indian ocean and in the Southern coastal states in the United States, after the storms of 2005.

There are many who are doing their part for the good. However, they aren’t in the news. Positive news rarely make the news headlines. The media is always focused on the deaths of soldiers, scandals, and the financiers who take pensions of their employees. The good things our troops are doing in Iraq do are not often discussed.

Around 600 years prior to Christ the Lord was able to ask Jeremiah, “What do you see?” He answered that he saw a simmering pot. In the middle east, it has been an unremitting boiling pot since. There are always threats and suicide bombers that cause havoc or even a full-on conflict.

The Bible states that it is an embarrassment to speak about the evil things people commit in private (EPH 5:12). It is our duty to expose the evils and not be apathetic about them. The media is constantly dwelling on the worst aspects of life.

They are flooded with scandals involving sexual sex. They are silent about companies as well as state and municipal authorities that manage to get their financial position from in the red to black.

People are so tired of news that they begin to wonder where the good news is. It is found in the Bible. It’s as up-to time as the morning paper. Each sin is clearly explained along with the solution.

It is the gospel’s good news. gospel. The most exciting part lies in the fact that Jesus Christ died to forgive our sins. If we keep obeying his commands and keep our faith in him, our sins are being cleaned through his blood and wiped away by God the Father.

The good news that eternal life is a given when we follow Jesus Christ and God is pledging to help with all people for the benefit of people who are obedient and who love God is amazing!

Jesus came to us to give us the life of a million. He promised Joy. It’s not the kind that is triggered by external circumstances It is the kind that assures the soul that God can control everything.

States that are a part of Christianity offer freedom to people. This is due to Christianity is a proponent of the fruit of the Spirit that includes peace, joy, love patience, kindness and faithfulness. self-control, and gentleness.

In general, the governments which do not adhere to Christianity are not able to allow the rights of citizens to be granted and exhibit the opposite characteristics of the fruit described above. They are often averse to anyone who does not share the same religious beliefs as their own. This is a stark proof of how Christianity is a force for good in the world.

When you’re down and depressed after watching the negative news, you should open your Bible and learn about the amazing mercy the Lord offers us. Look up the good things said about the righteous, and praise God for it.

Freedom-loving people who are not believers should be aware that freedom is created by God. If they look at governments that allow Christianity against those that don’t allow it, they will arrive at the conclusion that the two realities following death will be more exciting.

Heaven will be filled with happiness and love. The alternative is filled with fear and hurt. The world is mostly filled with negative news. This is a sign of the direction in which the world’s population is headed. Heaven will be filled with nothing but positive news. This should be a further incentive to live our lives in a way that allows us to reach there.

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